This course is tailored for professionals with some previous technical experience in product design. After performing all the lessons of this course, you will have a detailed vision of the different technologies of 3D printing, materials, the post-process  and the different sectors of applications with special focus in the application on traditional industries with real cases of study projects. The lessons are grouped in the following way.

Design and production processes:

  • Description of the Production Processes
  • Available software for 3D Printing
  • 3D Printing materials
  • Technologies in 3D Printing

The current processes, different fields of application:

  • Processes, Resolution, Accuracy, Sizes, Manufacturers
  • Materials used
  • Sectors / Fields of Application
  • Extract the pieces, post-processes

Entrepreneurship and 3d printing: a common view of the world:

  • Entrepreneurship and 3D printing

Application in traditional sector, cases of study:

  • Rapid Prototyping Definition
  • Traditional Sectors Applications
  • Methodology for the Success
  • Cases of Study in Traditional Sectors
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