Course for School Teachers

The main objective of this course is to train teachers non-computer design skilled in VET centres with the aim of using 3D printing across almost of all the subjects. The use of this technology in VET schools will improve educational transversal skills of the students. Furthermore, it aims to enhance the concentration of students with Attention Deficit Disorder. At mid-term, it will feed an industry that is in high growth with future professionals, students natives of this fascinating technology. With this tool VET teachers will be able to create more effective education.

The contents of this course are the result of the E3D+VET project, among them you will find slides on the most suitable 3D printing technologies for use in education, videos on the complete printing process in both FDM and SLA technologies, and two pdf documents to download:
- 3D printing technical guide.
In this technical guide for 3D printing, you will find an introduction to this technology, explaining the most appropriate technologies to be used in the educational field, the production process, the necessary software and some of the limitations present in additive manufacturing. This guide provides an overview that will help you understand the technology so that you can begin working with it and pass this knowledge on to your students.
- Methodology for creating new didactic 3D printing designs,
This guidebook teaches how to define the exercises you want to develop for use in the classroom by guiding you through the template that has been developed considering not only the technical aspects but also the teaching specifications. The advantages of using 3D printing in the classroom are also discussed. At the end of the guidebook you will find two examples of the exercises carried out in this project.
All the info of the project is allocated in the E3D+VET website.

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